OMO Hand Washing Powder

• OMO Hand washing powder is like having the power of 10 hands
• OMO laundry detergent Removes tough stains
• OMO washing powder is tough on oily stains, cuffs and collars
• Removes tough stains with less effort
• OMO laundry soap takes less scrubbing on children’s clothes
• OMO washing powder desolves instantly and penetrates clothes to reach the toughest stains

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OMO Hand Washing Powder is so powerful, it’s as good as having 10 hands to remove tough stains! Omo handwashing powder is tough on oily stains on cuffs and collars which take a lot of scrubbing. Removing tough stains from your children’s clothes takes a lot of time and effort and sometimes the stains still won’t go away – OMO with a power of 10 hands is more effective than ever. With just one scoop, the powder dissolves instantly and penetrates into your clothes to reach even the toughest stains like oily sources with less effort.




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